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How To Get Cat To Stop Splashing Water Bowl? (6 Preventive Measures)

A cat splashing water from its bowl can be a frustrating experience for pet owners. The mess created and the constant need for cleanup can become irritating. There are various reasons why cats engage in this behavior.

In this article, we will try to understand why a cat is splashing water bowl and how to stop it. I will share with you some effective solutions to prevent this unwanted cat’s behavior.  Let’s hover down and have a look at the main details.

Why does my cat splash his water all the time?

Cats splashing their water are often rooted in their natural instincts. They often have a natural habit of splashing water due to their wild habitat nature. In that life, they frequently used water sources to drink water and splashed water while drinking.

Besides, some cats may find it amusing to play with the water bowl.  Others might not like the type of water bowl you are using. Some cats can also resist still water because it might appear stagnant to them. Another major reason for cats splashing water from water bowl is anxiety.

It brings in restlessness in cats and triggers such behavior. Dental problems or tremors health issues can also cause a cat to accidentally spill water due to the shakiness associated. Diseases like hyperthyroidism or kidney problems will increase a cat’s thirst. It makes them to be more vigorous around their water source.

Best Ways To Get Cat To Stop Splashing Water Bowl

Cats have a tendency to splash water from their bowls. They create a mess and don’t care about hydration. You need to use some strategies to get your cat to stop splashing from a water bowl. Let’s check out the best ways to tackle the cat water bowl splashing issue.

1.       Get a Fountain

Cats are naturally attracted to flowing water. Fountains are the best option when you need flowing drinking water for your cat. Invest in the best cat water fountain and let them drink from it. The fountain will mimic the experience of drinking from a moving water source, and minimize water splashes.

2.       Provide Clean Water

Cats always prefer fresh and clean water. They are not going to drink stinky water. You need to regularly change the water in their bowl. It should be free from contaminants or odors that might deter them from drinking.

3.       Use a Cat Water Bowl Holder

Stabilize your cat’s water bowl by using a holder that prevents tipping. The water bowl will no longer move, and reduce the likelihood of water splashes. Besides, it will also become harder for your cat to engage in splashing behavior.

4.       Half-Fill the Water Bowl

Fill the cat water bowl halfway. Don’t fill the bowl to the brim. This will give your cat enough water to drink and minimize the chance of splashing. Cats are less likely to create a mess when there is less water to play with.

5.       Use of Water Absorbent Pad

Place a water-absorbent pad or mat under the bowl. These pads will absorb any splashed water. Even if your cat splashes water from the bowl, the floor will be dry and easy to clean.

6.       Make Sure the Bowl Doesn’t Move

Cats can get playful while drinking. Make sure their bowl is placed on a stable surface and doesn’t move easily. You can use anti-slip mats or heavy bowls to prevent them from knocking it around.

Why does my cat suddenly start splashing water everywhere?

There are several reasons why your cat may suddenly start splashing water everywhere. First, you need to check the placement of their water bowl. Make sure the bowl is stable in its place and nothing is disturbing the cat. Cats are very particular about their surroundings.

If the bowl is in a spot they don’t feel comfortable in, they might exhibit such behavior. Besides, you should also take into consideration their health condition. Sudden changes in drinking behavior can sometimes indicate underlying health issues. A visit to the vet can rule out any medical problems that may be causing splashing water from the cat’s water bowl.

Additionally, the type of water bowl also matters. Each cat prefers specific materials and shapes of water bowls. Experiment with different bowls to find the best one for your cat. Identify the root cause and help your cat to have a peaceful and mess-free drinking experience.

Does cat splash water on purpose?

Some cats may splash water purposefully. They may find the water bowl very playful. Besides, it can also happen because of their wild instincts where interacting with water was a survival trait. In certain cases, cats might splash water to communicate their emotions.

They might be potentially expressing anger or discomfort. Moreover, if the water is not clean enough, they might splash to indicate their dissatisfaction. But the exact reason may vary from cat to cat. Always try to ensure a pleasant drinking environment for your lovely pet.


You already know the main reasons behind a cat’s water splashing behavior from a water bowl. Try out the best practices shared here and get your cat to stop splashing water bowl. Appropriate strategies will solve the splashing issue in no time.

You need to take responsibility here to give clean water to your cat all the time. Enjoy a stress-free pet maintenance. More about pet maintenance is coming back shortly. Stay with us and stay updated about pet health and diet.

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